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Everyone Please Read

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Welcome to the TotalChoice Hosting forums,


We are glad to have you as a member. For a pleasant stay and a (possibly) faster solution to any issue you might have, we ask you to keep the following in mind:


Check the Forum Guidelines often as they do change without notice.


Before posting new threads, please browse or search the forum first. If you do not find what you are looking for, please look at our forum structure and try to place your post in the appropriate place. By searching for the answer first, you might find it quicker since many questions have been asked many times. Your post may be moved by a moderator to a different forum for better visibility and organization. The moderator who have moved your post will notify you by pm about the move.


The Family Only section is for customers of TCH and you may obtain the password if you are a customer of TCH by sending a PM to one of the TCH Staff (they are the members with the RED names). When requesting the password, identify yourself with your domain name and email address you used to sign up for hosting to be verified.


To receive notifications about issues with your server or data center, please subscribe to the forum for the server you are on, Network and Data Center Updates, Scheduled Server Maintenance and Updates, General Support Announcements and General Server Announcements.


If you are having an issue with the server you are on, please open a ticket with the help desk. The moderators of the forums are volunteers and cannot help you. They do not have access to the servers or your account information.


If threads are started with server XX down, they will be deleted. The servers are monitored 24/7. If they happen to go down or a service on them go down, the tech staff receives an alert that there is something wrong.


You may want to post a message to the help desk to ease your mind that someone is looking into it and will receive a reply.


Thank you for becoming a family member and enjoy your stay. :P

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