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Os Commerce Connection Error

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Hello from the UK,


I am a total novice to the world of OS commerce but I am dipping my toe in the water to design my first on-lone shop, have created a database, and user and added the user to database then click on the one click option to instal oscommerce using cpanel. When i come to log in I am getting the following error:


1146 - Table 'dhinter_osc1.configuration' doesn't exist


select configuration_key as cfgKey, configuration_value as cfgValue from configuration




Any suggestions where i am going wrong much appreciated



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Welcome to the forum, dazza2006. :clapping:


When you use the one click installs, you should not need to set up the databases yourself, cpanel will do this.

What I would do is remove any eventual database and folder in the file manager that has been created and then try again. If it then doesn´t work, I think you will need to submit a ticket to the help desk and they will check what might be wrong (link on top of page and in my signature).

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Thankk you for the warm welcome,


do you guys do hosting in the uk, if so how much do you charge, my present provider cannot help with the error i am getting at the moment. I need a hosting company that I can use to host oscommerce style shops, I presently run a small webdesign agency so would be hosting new clients on a on going basis and the need to utilise os commerce is paramount.







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