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Looking For Newsletter Tips And A Bulk Email Program


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A while back i figured i should have a newsletter sent out to those whos interested in knowing about site updates, because i don't update the site much. i wrote a script to subscribe and unsubscribe, but never wrote a newsletter script, or used a stand along program. I now have around 50 subscribers, and want start sending out some info about recent site updates and future upcommings.


My ISP blocks emailing through my webhosting's smtp server, so i have to go through their smtp server, which is fine, i guess.


So, im looking for a (1) tech and legal tips from anyone who has experience running newsletter on your own, not through 3rd party service and (2) bulk mail program suggestions.


For example, i do know some ISPs will block your account if you try to send email after email with little or no time interval, because they think you're sending out spam. What programs do you use that can have a time interval between emails setup?


Im looking for something that can include Header and a footer (for unsubscribing info).


How do you aviod getting blocked by automatic bulkmail filters that pretty much installed on all systems today.


...and stuff like that.

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