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Mysql: Query A Table Column For Default Value


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I am working on a script that will support a MySQL db, I am currently still learning MySQL. I am about 95% finished with the script but I have "painted myself into a corner."


I have written the script to change the "default value" for a table column based the last thing the script has done when it is finished. The problem is, I would like to query the "default value" for the table column early in the script. I cannot find a way to do it. Can anyone help me?

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The SQL query would look something like this:

>SELECT DISTINCT `defaultvalue`
FROM `your_table`
WHERE `recordid` = yourvariable

Thanks, but that does not give me what I want.


I actually want to query the table structure not the data in the table.

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You want the "DESCRIBE" statement.


Thanks, that does the trick. This is basically what I came up with.

>$sql = "DESCRIBE tbl_name col_name";

if ( $query = mysql_query($sql) )
if ( $row = mysql_fetch_row($query) ) {
	print $row[4]."<br />\n";
 else  print 'Error Reading Database!'."<br />\n";

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