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I've only been a TCH customer since last October (about 6 months it's been), and so far I am extremely happy with the service and support that I've gotten. The only thing I see that might be a problem in the future is bandwidth. My site has grown in traffic every month since it opened. The 20GB per month was more than enough at first, but now I'm having less and less leftover each month. As for the storage space, I've only used 100 MB of it, a mere 11%, and I'd consider my site to be fairly large. I don't think I'll ever have to worry about space. :D


I plan on purchasing another domain with respective web hosting later this year, and the only thing I'll be worried about is having enough bandwidth. I don't think I'll ever leave TCH, as this has basically grown to be my second home. :P


My only suggestion is that there should be a hosting plan in between Silver Hosting and Deluxe Hosting. I currently pay $5/month, and the next upgrade costs $9/month. I don't want to have to near-double my monthly payment just to get more bandwidth.




I really am loving it here at TCH, as my questions usually get answered within minutes. I could practically hold my breath when I submit the question, and have a response before I pass out. :P


I've only had one panic attack since I opened up my site, and that was when I logged in and noticed my databases seemed to have disappeared. I submitted my question, held my breath (not literally ;)), and waited for the response. Turns out the server was just restarting MySQL, and my DBs were back up just minutes later. :P


So thanks TCH for the great hosting that you have provided to me these past six months. I have a feeling you'll be hosting me for quite some time if you guys keep up the great work. :D


It almost feels like I'm ripping you off. :P :)



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Yah, they are pretty great (with the exception of driving us nuts with announcements like this). You could find cheaper webhosting with more bandwidth elsewhere (hard to imagine, but it's true), but those hosts won't match the support you get here from both the staff and the mostly volunteer forum. I'm more than happy to give these guys my money month after month.


Welcome to the family, and if you ever have any questions about pretty much anything, you know where to find us.

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@ timhodge


Thanks for the reply. :D


I already saw the announcement, and that's why I decided to log onto the forum again. I can't wait to find out what it is. ^.^

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