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Database Connection / Authentication Problems


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We run several Wordpress blogs at my school. Our school website also runs PostNuke. I am working with TCH on a range of possible explanations for this behavior but want to be sure there isn't something awry with my WP or PostNuke setup.


Anyway, basic WP installs here, v2.0 (v2.0.1 coming soon). Blog loads fine, some users can get in, but others can't. As soon as they click 'login' it gives an error saying it can't connect to the DB. The login form isn't even displayed. DB is running because some are in. Here's the weird part. We discovered that if a user clicks on a comment link, and authenticates from THAT form, they can get in, every time we tried.


Anyone experience problems like this before?


This link is the one failing:



This link is the one that works:



These links are probably working fine right now, so, no need to report that. :pissed: I'll post here in about 10 mintues if there are problems, we've got a class coming in.


Something is clearly interfering with the process. I've been told each time this happens that the servers are healthy and running normally. I'm at a loss here. Any help would be appreciated.





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Never had a problem myself and I have 5 installations of Wordpress some version 2.0 and others version 1.5.


Don't know what help anyone in the forums can offer. Both links bring up the login pages for me.


When you cannot connect you need to run a trace route if the help desk says nothing wrong with the server.

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Thanks Bruce. Just trying to explore all possible explanations for this behavior before I move on to other options. I was hoping someone here had experienced this. If not, then we can gradually narrow down the possible causes. I'm about to have our network tech get involved. We do some pretty sophisticated stuff with our firewall and I'm wondering if there is any connection. I also can't run a tracert from within our domain because of the way our network is set up (hard to explain, I'm not the network tech.) Will keep investigating.

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