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Help With Log File


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In my log file I have a few lines that look like this, and it happens several times per month: - - [02/Dec/2005:02:19:10 -0700] "GET /mt/mt-comments.cgi?__mode=handle_sign_in&static=1&entry_id=190&logout=1 HTTP/1.1" 404 1827 "http://www.timothyandheather.com/" "Ru.Idea Company"


It looks like they're trying to get to an old Moveable Type page that isn't there, and so they get the 404. I don't quite get what they're linking to me from. There's nothing on their main page linking to me, and nothing I could find within. Anybody know what this Ru.Idea Company is? I googled around but all I came up with was other peoples' statistics. It's not a huge issue, just one of those nagging issues I haven't gotten around to figuring out.

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