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Help Request: Sending Newsletter Best Practice


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Hi Everyone!


For some months I've been using a simple PHP script to iterate through an ever growing list of recipients (now over 1000) for a newsletter, that's being sent weekly from one of my clients' site.

Beginning October some or all recipients stopped receiving the newsletter.


My questions:

  1. Has there been imposed a new artificial limit as to how many mails may been sent at a given time?
  2. Has the list grown into a preexisting limitation?
  3. What would be a work around / What is the best practice?

Right now my script sends all the mails individually using the regular address field. While developing I also experimented sending all mails at once using the BCC header, but decided it would cause problems with spam filters. Would this practice have an impact on my ability to send mass mails?


Thank you for your help!





Note: I just thought I'd mention that migrating to a tool as Dada Mail, as was suggested in several cases on this forum, is out of the question since the newsletter generation is tightly integrated with the site's own CMS.

I would really need to now the facts (server configurations / limitations) that would enable me to adapt my own solution.

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For server limits please open a help desk ticket.

Did that and now I know the limits.


Now I wanted to use a cron job set up in cpanel to run a script every minute that would work off the list of recipients over a couple of hours — be free to tell me if you can think of a better approach! (Speaking of which: is there a way to dynamically add and remove cron jobs?)


Strangely, the cron daemon sends me an extra email notification everytime it runs (to an address of which I don't even know where it is defined).


How do I switch this off? I don't want to receive hundreds of mails every week just telling me that the cron job is actually doing its job!

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