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Wordpress+moblog Plugin


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I am trying to get the moblog plugin from ht*p://fahlstad.se to work.

A requirement stated is;

PHP support for imap_open() on your host.

Does TCH support this?

So far I have been unable to retrieve any email using the plugin but I know it has arrived at my designated account by checking with cpanel.





Thanks in advance for any advise.


Neil :)

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I have the plugin installed but no pictures are arriving.

Here are ther settings I am using that I have checked with Outlook Express.


Incoming Mail Server=mail.cyber6.org

username=(account name)@cyber6.org

password=(account password)


These settings work and receive email.


Is there anything else I could be missing?


Neil :)

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I have contacted the developer of this plugin and he experienced the same problem as I do.

It would appear that the email account in use is being checked but no emails are being retrieved.

Is there some kind of a restriction on open_imap at TCH?

Is there some activation required?

I would really like to get this plugin working.

Any advice much appreciated.




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Not sure what I did but the full size photos are working correctly now. But I had to change the size I was resizing them from 480 to 400 for the theme I picked.


This is a pretty nice plugin but unfortunately it does not work with my cell phone provider (Sprint). I am able to send email with an attachment to the blog and that works fine.

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