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How Is Your Rank?

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How do you rank among the search engines?


Once you have selected the 'proper' keyword phrase(s), it is best to review how your site ranks today. Again, I will focus on Google for this discussion.


Go to Google and type in you search phrase. First note how many pages are within the index for that particular phrase (this give you some idea of the competitiveness).


Now see if you are listed in the top 50… not? Are you listed at all?


Type in your name (e.g. YourName.com)… are you listed?


If yes, see how many pages link back to you (remember these are called backlinks or inbound links).

To do this, type in


This shows the number of back links that point to your home page. In addition, it shows the number of pages from your own site that have been indexed. Now you can check on your actual Google PageRank by using the Google Toolbar.


Review Google PageRank here


Install Google Toolbar here


A word of caution, the Google Toolbar does collect 'information' about your Internet 'movements'.


Read their privacy policy; here is a brief overview:



Google is committed to helping its users ensure their privacy.


Google may collect information about web pages that you are viewing when the advanced functionality is enabled. However, this advanced functionality is optional, and can be easily disabled and re-enabled at any time (by selecting "Privacy Information..." in the Toolbar's "Google" menu.)


You will know the advanced functionality is enabled when the PageRank meter is visible on your Google Toolbar.


Google only collects the normal type of information that is already available to the websites you visit. This means, Google cannot collect, for example, your name, email address, telephone number, etc.


Google will not sell or provide personally identifiable information to any third parties.


Google will notify you if it changes these policies and will give you the opportunity to discontinue using the Google Toolbar.


By placing a cursor over the PageRank bar, you can get your actual PageRank score.


Not happy with your rank?


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Want us to look at your search engine ranking? Look at this thread

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