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Using Ssl That Comes With Tch Package

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I'd like to explore using the SSL feature that is part of my hosting package with TCH. According to your online SSL Help, if I understand correctly:


a. I need to have someone "turn on" (enable) the SSL feature for my account.

b. I then decide how to incorporate the SSL refers (https) into my site structure.


Got a few questions...

1. Are there any "hidden" charges I might run into using the SSL package that comes with my TCH account?


2. Once it's "enabled" for my domain name, then I can choose to use it or not. Correct? It's not going to mess up my site if I *don't* use it (if I leave my URL's as "http")?


3. Do I have to use it for my whole site, or can I use it for just individual files/pages and/or directories? The help file seems to suggest the later. And I would prefer to "try it out" on a contact form I have before extending it to any other areas.

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You can just use the shared ssl as per the Help site page.


Using our Shared SSL

Simply parse your page like this:




where * = your server number

Humm...it sounds like your saying I'd have to use a strict TCH URL that is made up of (1)the server my account is assigned to, (2)the "totalchoicehosting.com" domain name, and (3)my username, as opposed to a URL that consists of my domain name. Is that correct? Edited by denglund1996
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