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Guidelines for requesting that your site be added to our "Family pages"


Remember that this is one of those important 'inbound links' that you need. For an explanation please read, What is The Importance Of Inbound Links?.



Please include:


1. Your URL e.g. www.your-tch-hosted-domain.com (please make it a link, click the http:// button when you post your request). only one link per domain will be allowed. It is up to you if that link goes to the root of your domain or a subdomain.


2. The name of your site.


3. Give a brief description of your site (approximately 75 characters max.).


4. Indicate whether the site is

  • commercial
  • non-profit
  • blog
  • personal nature

5. Please acknowledge that you have the required link back to TotalChoice.

The backlink may be placed anywhere on a page as long it clearly visible on a static page. As in static page we mean the frontpage, a links page, about page etc. Including the backlink in a blog post or similar that your visitors may have trouble finding are not allowed.

All backlinks to TotalChoice Hosting must also either clear out the existing window or open in a new window.


6. Please start a new thread when you make your request. Do not post in an old thread.


We will review the information and then add you to our family page.

We will confirm that you were added, in your request thread.


The family pages are not part of our normal service, and as such we do not promise all requests will be added. More important as this is a free service adding links can take us some time as we do not have a dedicated person to handle these requests.


Thanks for being part of the family!

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