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Spring Cleaning


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This ought to be an easy one for you lot:


I'm going to be deleting almost everything from my /public_html folder today. want to clean everything out and get things back to (for lack of a better phrase) factory defaults (excepting one subdir in there that i'd like to remain). problem is, im not sure what's safe for me to delete and what's not. what files and subfolders of /public_html ought to stay put? (i know .htaccess belongs there but other than that, im unsure if i can just flush everything else out safely).


Once that's done i'll be trying to install wordpress and building a new site. fresh for the summer :o

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You can open a help desk ticket (link above) to support and ask them to reset your account back to it's original configuration with that one folder being the exception or you can delete everything in the public_html folder including the .htaccess file (unless you are using what is currently in it) if you want.


When you install WordPress you can create a new .htaccess file.

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