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Trying to install php nuke 7.5 manually, nned to create a database (which i can do) but the problem lies within needing to run a file called nuke.sql to setup tables within the database. Is this possible? I can't find anything on the subject.


Thanks for the help



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Welcome to the forums Matt B)


Normally after you create the database in MySql and add a user

you can goto PhMyAdmin, it may be at the bottom of the MySql screen

In phpMyAdmin select the database

and then on the query page that is a a browse button to locate the nuke.sql file on your computer.

This should create the tables.



(Note I am doing this from memory :)

so it may not be exact, but you get the idea :) )

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That is the fastest I have ever been helped on any forum anywhere thank you very much. :) I was considering the "query" on phpmyadmin but I think I am still a little skiddish with some of this stuff.



Again, Thanks Alot for your help,



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