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Portal Solution: Primarily Document Management


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I want to create a site to manage content submitted by a community (that makes me unique, right? :-)


But, I don't need or want many features. I've installed phpnuke, but am having trouble figuring out the distinction between topics, sections, blocks, modules, articles, news... (and yes, I've read the manual :-)


What I want is relatively simple (oh yeah, and I want free/cheap, since it's for a non-profit):


I want to create a tree-structure of topics--two levels deep is sufficient:



Roles & Responsibilities


Approval proess








Food Safety




There would be about 10-15 "top-level" topics and each one would have 5-20 subtopics under it. Each topic and subtopic would have a paragraph or so "describing" it.


Ideally, the structure would always be available, and people could submit articles (to be approved, possibly) for a specific subtopic. I would also want to be able to attach files (such as PDFs) to a specific subtopic.


Although I wouldn't mind having a forum, polls, calendar, etc., I don't really need them.


I'm searching websites, content management sites such as cmsmatrix, but have not yet identified something that seems to do what I want--most seem to have one-level topics and are much more complicated than I'm hoping to find.


My thanks for any advice anyone can offer.



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Beth, sorry, I don't know of any script that does what you want. Well, I do know but they're all complex :\


Here's a couple of topics from our forums you might want to read:

Content Management Systems, opinions on any & using nuke in cpanel

A Good Content Management System?, or a php portal...


Anyway, I'm moving this into a more appropriate forum, where you'll get more exposure.

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Thanks, Raul.


I will use a more complicated system if I have to, but all I really want is to be able to organize content as one might a forum, and not even as many levels deep, but I want the articles to be approved in order to avoid the "me, too" and "what she said" that you get in a forum.


Which more complicated tools will do this? If phpnuke supports two level topics, I haven't figured out how yet :-(


Of course, their documentation is so bad that I'd like to strangle whoever wrote it.



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Hi Beth! long time :ph34r:


Have you thought about using a forum like this.

You can set it so you have to approve submissions

or a special group can approve.

And also other groups can only submit.

You can determine what attachments can be made and how big.


Most people are more familiar with the structure of a forum.

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I gave up on both phpNuke and postNuke a long time ago. Both systems are far too complicated and limited for what I usually want - meaning I can't really help you with any of them, since I hardly know them, now.


Don's idea is pretty good, too! And it probably has some advantages, as you'd gain two tools in place of one, if you're interested ;)

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