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Okay, I have some of the same horror stories as others but I will tell them any way XD. My first host was 25$ for a domain and free hosting..... I should've known then but I was new to it all! 20mb of space! I cant rember the bandwidth. (not that my site deserved any visitors ;) ) Then I moved to another host, I loved the support there every thing was good untill I was looking around and I relized I wanted a graphics site not just some random thing, then I looked at my 5gb of bandwith, and said to my self Its time to move, so after about 6 months I left. I was bored and I really liked this site that I visited alot, and relized that its host gave enough bandwith to have over 200 visitors per day AND I usually visted this site daily, no down time. So I WHOIS'ed them and found tch and that was the end of the horror stories. The only prob I had was losing my CPanel pass... and now I'm happy!! Thanks tch this smily explains my feelings !!! Rock Sign Rock Sign Rock Sign Rock Sign Rock Sign Rock Sign Rock Sign Rock Sign Rock Sign Rock Sign Rock Sign

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Glad you joined us ;)


TCH is indeed a great place, not only a web hosting company.


Everybody helps each other here in the family forums, the support is outstanding, the uptime speaks for itself, the account features are great... Rock Sign


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