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.htaccess Accidentally Deleted!

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In my process of sorting out my new webspace and familiarising myself with cpanel I seem to have somehow deleted my ".htaccess"


When I first set things up typing in my address ( would jump me straight to my index.htm home page but now I get a "page cannot be found" error. If I type the full page address ( then it seems to work.


I am completely unfamiliar with how this file works as my old provider didn't seem to offer access to it.


So really what I'm asking is is there any way I can download or re-create my .htaccess file? and if so how?


thanks in advance



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If you rename your index.htm file index.html it should load without the .htaccess file there.


Unless you had modified the .htaccess file to redirect it to load the index.htm file. Normally it is just a blank file until you enter something into it. You could create a blank .htaccess file using the file manager in cPanel.


If that doesn't work open a Help Desk ticket (link above) and ask one of the techs to have a look.


Oh, and welcome to the family! ;)

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thanks for the quick response


I couldn't get it to work so I've sent a ticket... currently waiting for a response.



I've browsed this family forum, you seem to be a very helpfull bunch. I have to say it's the main reason I chose to host with TCH.


If I can get this issue (and another regarding PHPBB) sorted I'll be well chuffed. ;)



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