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I had this working once, but now lost the code. :rolleyes:


How do i do the msn online status. For the others i have used this:

><A HREF="aim:goim?screenname=myname"><IMG SRC="http://www.tchstatus.com:8080/aim/myname"><A HREF="ymsgr:sendIM?myname"><IMG SRC="http://www.tchstatus.com:8080/yahoo/myname"></a></a>

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I think there is a discussion somewhere about it in the thread but this is the code I'm using for MSN:


><a href="http://www.tchstatus.com:8080/message/msn/james@purplespider.co.uk"><IMG src=http://www.tchstatus.com:8080/msn/james@purplespider.co.uk></a>


However the MSN status indicators seem not to be working at the moment, they're all always showing 'offline'. :)

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Thanks James. :)

I needed this code since i am replacing the icons in my signature. I used some i made myself before which was picked up from my server, and i didnt know what the original code was without ht*p://www.jikrantz...


Yup, the msn status doesnt work which ive been reporting in "Our Gift To You".

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