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  1. Is this still how you move your email over to google apps here? Just checking as this was in '07! Thanks!
  2. OK, I think TC has been blacklisted by WiredTree.com That's where all the emails that are being returned are at. Is there anyway to fix this?
  3. The only reason I wonder if it has to do with TCH is because its more than just one company's email alias. But I'm contacting them too; so we'll see. Thanks.
  4. So I'm not talking about forwarding a TCH email account to a yahoo or gmail account. Is that what the forwards thread is talking about? I'm talking about sending an email from a TCH email account to an alias email that points to a real email account. So, for instance, I send an email from my TCH email account to username@companyname.org which is just an alias that points to username@earthlink.net (or whatever)... it gets returned every time. Has anyone else had this problem? If not, is it possible that the problem actually is with the alias email?
  5. Hi. I'm having an issue with TCH email accounts across multiple accounts. Basically anytime someone sends an email from a TCH email account to an "alias" email account that forwards on to Gmail or Yahoo or whatever they are being returned as non-deliverable. Unfortunately, I have a couple clients set up with TCH who regularly email people with these sorts of email addresses. Does anyone know of a solution to this or heard about this? I need help making this work. Thanks
  6. This is probably a really stupid question; but I can't seem to find an answer so I figured I'd ask here. I have 6 domains being hosted here at TCH all on the starter plan. Is there a plan where I can put all these domains on the same plan? I ask because I have a friend who hosts several domains but on a shared account or something like that. Just thought I'd ask. Thanks. Seth.
  7. Is there anyway to get on some sort of contact list about this? I have several sites that I would really like to upgrade to take advantage of PHP 5 as soon as the servers support it. Or do I just need to keep my eyes posted here? Thanks. Seth.
  8. I'm actually looking to create symlinks for a drupal multisite set up I'm wanting to do... so no, that wouldn't work for what I'm wanting to do... thanks though!
  9. Is this still the case? Or can regular dudes create symlinks now? Thanks. Seth.
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