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  1. Thanks for the welcome and your reply. Would you recommend Paypal for a small online shop? I have looked into using other shopping carts, but since the product list is so small doubt there would be a need. Thanks again! S
  2. Hi there, I'm desiging a website for a business and they have now decided they want to be able to sell online too. It should be quite a small product list - The aim would be to sell Frozen Shellfish & Fish items. Say, up to a dozen individual items (£15-£40 / item), plus 3-4 gift hamper type items ( £50 - £100 / item). I am currently interested in using Paypal for this as it provides its own shopping cart, payments made using paypals secure server etc. Meaning i could easily intergrate it into the current website. Using Paypal would that mean that the rest of the site wouldn't need to be secure, since everything would be done via Paypal, is this correct?? Any other comments/ reviews on people who have used Paypal for a similar purpose would be much appreciated. Many thanks S
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