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  1. Hi, I have been successfully running Drupal on TCH for the past year and recently encountered a problem. Some of the pages/nodes (greater than 65k of text) that I submit to the Drupal CMS are not getting entered into the Database. I've tracked down the problem to the Suhosin Hardened PHP Request Max Value Length php setting for my TCH account (I believe this was recently introduced with the Apache 2.2.6 upgrade). The limit is set at 65000 characters. I have about 60 pages/nodes that I can no longer make edits to because when a page body field that contains greater than 65000 characters/bytes is submitted, the Suhosin limit drops the field and empty/null is entered in the database instead of the text. I've attempted to increase this limit to 150k~200k bytes using an ini_set command: ini_set('suhosin.post.max_value_length', 180000); ini_set('suhosin.request.max_value_length', 180000); However, the change isn't allowed (apparently) as phpinfo() continues to show local and master limit at 65000. What's the best way to get this limit increased? Support Ticket, alternative ini_set, or ????? Thanks, -Chris
  2. No, that's not the problem. For the moment I want to maintain the old site, and keep all web traffic flowing to that site. The problem was, that Mailman insisted on using the domain name in it's urls (form submission and links to administration pages). Because the domain name was involved, my TCP/IP connection went to my internet connection providers nameservers and looked up the domain and sent me to the old web site/host. The solution of forcing my TCP/IP connection to temporarily use TCH's nameservers worked, because that means ONLY my personal internet traffic would be directed to the site hosted by TCH when I clicked on the Mailman links and form submissions... So I am now able to work with Mailman on the TCH host site without any problems. Eventually I'll update the registrar record and point ALL internet traffic to the new site and shut down the old site/host. Thanks for the suggestion though. -Chris
  3. Next hurdle... what are the IP addresses of the TCH nameservers?? DN3 and DNS4 ???? If I can temporarily force my TCP connection to use those name servers, that should direct all existingdomainname.com/mailman/... traffic to the TCH hosted site... But I need IP address for that.. -Chris
  4. Hi, I have an odd problem. I'm in the process of transferring an existing website from another host to TCH. At this time, the domain has NOT been transferred over, because I want to get everything working and set up first. One of the items that I need to set up are a handful of Mailman mailing lists. The problem is this- All of the Mailman Administration pages and submission buttons are using the domain name in their links, so the info is not being submitted to the TCH site, but rather the other host.. For example: in order to administer the lists I need the info to be submitted to http://111.222.333.444/mailman/administration... but instead they are all being submitted to http://existingdomainname.com/mailman/administration This is resulting in an error, because the 'old' site/host is receiving the page requests instead of the new site (because the nameservers that my internet connection uses are pointing to the old host)... I'm wondering if there is anywhere to turn this off in Mailman, or CPanel so that it uses the ip address instead of the domain name in the urls??? Worst case, I can set my computer/router to use TCH's name servers, which "should" point requests for existingdomainname.com to the TCH hosted site... Any thoughts? -Thanks
  5. Hi Allyronco, Use a TCH HelpDesk Trouble Ticket to submit a request to have TCH move your account to a different server. It's solved the issue for a number of TCH/Drupal users. On a side note, if the techs here at TCH figure out what caused the issue in the first place I'm sure the Drupal forums/community would love to know so they can head off any widespread panic in the future. Thanks again to the TCH staff for resolving the issue. -Chris
  6. Just to note, after updating to Drupal 4.7.4 I started to notice some odd behavior with Drupal. In trying to narrow down the issues I've been posting on the Drupal.org forums. There are a couple of TCH customers who are experiencing similar problems. While the problem hasn't been identified specifically as a Drupal + TCH + PHP 4.4.4 issue, I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing issues here a TCH? A link to the drupal forum: Druapl Forum discussion about possible PHP 4.4.4 + Druapl 4.7.4 issues. Thanks, -Chris
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