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  1. Thank you for you guys I think I would be happy to join TCH hosting family
  2. Thanks for your reply. If verison difference does not case any problms with the text displays or any problem, I will feel ensured One more thing. My current hosting provides cpanel as you mentioned, and then could you kindly help me out with the transfer job if I purchase your account?
  3. I appreciate your soon reply. It seems these 4 needs can be satisfied for sure, and I feel so glad. But there's only one thing that I feel worrid. MySQL version in my host is 4.0.27 while that in yours is 4.1.21. I am fearful of any version problem in MYSQL transfer process. Could you kindly help me out with the problem?
  4. I own a xoops site(www.skyofreason.com) hosted by one hosting service, which nevertheless restricts the use of chatroom software in the site. The current service can not satistify my need, and I think of other hosting choices. Your hosting service looks great, and I am interested in knowing more about it; here are a few questions I would like to know before I acutally purhcase a TCH acount. Would you kindly reply me? 1.The first thing I am conerned about is availability of phpmyadmin service in cpanel. Do you have one? 2.Do you allow me to use chatroom software like shoutbox in the hosting space?The use of chatroom is very important to my site. 3.The other thing that also troubles me is the tranfer job. I am worried about any trouble in the site transfer process especially due to the compatible problems of php & mysql verion. I would feel great if you can help me out in tranfering the site including all diectory files and mysql from my currect hosting space. I hope mysql database can be properly transfered. my current hosting MySQL 4.0.27-standard PHP:4.4.4 4.The last thing is that since my site uses Chinese characters(big5), I must make sure if the texts can be properly displayed. Do your hosting support Big5 Hope to get your rely soon
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