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  1. Hi! For the past week, I have noticed someone from an IP of reading every. single. one. of my posts on my old blog and new (old blog is redirected here). They spend HOURS on here - it's like they never leave. Yesterday, after making a post asking them who they were, I added them in the IP Deny Manager. They're still there! Even this morning. Am I looking at stats wrong? If it says they went to *insert name here* post at 12:31, and then a different post at 1:15 a.m., that means they're clicking into them, correct? And how can they still be viewing these things this morning when I banned them yesterday? Thank you so much for any advice! Lisa
  2. Thanks for your quick responses! I did try both tutorials, and later on, somehow I gave Blogger the ok to switch to Beta version (which I didn't remember until now), so now it really won't import it. It's so strange that the posts are on my site (and I can see them on there via Filezilla) but I can't see them in WP. I will just continue to leave the old blog where it was - seeing someone on my domain with an old post just made me rehash it all again. That's exactly what I thinking I would have to do! I just wanted to be sure though.
  3. Hi! Thank you so much for providing this forum, especially for people like me who think they understand all of this until they have one of their own. I have some questions I was hoping someone could answer. I have searched tutorials and did each thing they stated, but I'm still not having luck. 1. I recently switched from Blogger to WP/my own domain. I have never been able to import my Blogger posts to WP - it would get so far and I would get an error message. In the process, it wiped out my old Blogger URL, even though they were still in the Dashboard. I changed the Blogger URL, and I see the import messed up the posts (i.e. there are no longer any paragraphs in them). However, I noticed in my site stats today that someone (no idea who, either!) is going through a ton of my Blogger posts today (even as we speak) - but they are actually on my domain. I hope I am making sense. Instead of being on theshizzlelife.blogspot.com, they are actually on http://theshizzlelife.com/2006/05/tt-22.html (example). These posts are on my domain, yet I can't get them onto my actual WP blog nor can anyone see them - is there a solution for that? 2. I would like to set up a recipe blog/site, and eventually a genealogy one as well, off of my main blog. These are subdomains, correct? I would have to install WP on each one? 3. I also wanted to put things like my blogroll, buttons (for webrings), etc...on a different page so that it didn't clutter up my site, and then put a link in my sidebar for someone to access it. Would this also be a subdomain? 4. I cannot edit themes in WP, except for the current one I have that someone made for me. It says, "If this file was writable you could edit it." When I tried to follow the directions on WP to allow me to change it, I am only able to change the file permission to 666 - I can't even change a file through the WP admin panel. Would anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong? I am so sorry if these have been asked (I did search the forums for answers). We were out of power for 5 days due to a freak snowstorm last week, so I am behind and the one person I could ask for help is out of town now. Thank you so much for any advice.
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