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  1. I've been with total choice almost 1 year now, and I have experienced only 2 minor outages, that didn't last very long. Anytime I had a customer service question, they jumped on it and helped me out. One time they even fixed the entire file structure of my website from the backend.... what they did would of taken me hours from the frontend. I'm very pleased with the service, hosting and support. I'll be here awhile for sure! Thanks TCH!
  2. Nevermind! It didn't work because my password was the same for more than 1 account. By changing the password to something else... it worked... weird.
  3. First let me say "sorry" if this is not the correct area to post this... this is my first post! Also, please let me say "thanks!!" in advance!! Ok... now down to business. Problem in a nutshell is that I CANNOT receive email ! However, I CAN send email ! So I'm 50% there! The details : - I have Outlook 2003 - I want to setup this email account : support@myweb.com - I have configured it like the following : ---------------------------------------------------------------- Email Address : support@myweb.com Incoming Mail server (POP3) : mail.myweb.co
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