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  1. I am trying to access by website domain name as I always have done. I have unintalled and reinstalled frontpage extensions and now it seems more messed up. I cannot open anything any more. How do I access by IP number? sweetp
  2. Server 127 was upgraded this weekend to Hapes. Front page on my computer can no longer find the server and I cannot update my site. Do I need to open a ticket? sweetp
  3. Hello, I have been with TCH for about a month. It is my first site. Everything went smoothly in getting it up, but when I check my web statistics, I get error messages everyday that there is a missing page called: /home/xxxx/public_html/robots.txt xxxx is my password. I don't know what this page is. What do I need to build this page? Why are people looking for it? I have no links anywhere in my site to this page, yet I get 3-4 error messages a day. Thanks for any help you can give me. sweetp
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