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  1. Thank you all for the welcomes, Bruce, i have tried creating a brand spanking new folder and am unable to publish from server to my desktop. Keep getting same error. And yes, I understand and agree the proper "flow" is to update on home computer and publish to server. The wrench in the system is now we have 2 home computers, the wireless notebook, and the desktop. After owning a wireless for a week now, I hardly ever seem to work in the study where the desktop is. So, I was trying to come up with a solution so i could work from either. For instance, my notebook was empty, I published my website from server to notebook, got the latest copy on my notebook, which also is idential to desktop. I made changes on the notebook, published to server and now server has the latest version. My next step was to publish from server to DESKTOP so my desktop could also have the latest version. I have tried publishing to an empty folder with no luck. I have heard this error has to do with publishing from a unix to a windows system and how one system doesn't recognize capital letters and one does. One solution i just thought of was what if i published from my notebook computer DIRECTLY to the desktop computer via my home network, this would keep a windows system talking to a windows system. perhaps i will try that tonight!!! thanks again!
  2. thanks bruce, you sound correct, which is even more frustrating. I thought one of the funcitons of publishing was to update newer versions of the older files. when i am working from home, i change a page around, then publish to the server, and it automatically updates the file on the server. Now, I have the most recent updated web and files on the server, and I would like to publish that to my desktop computer, so my desktop with then be updated. Thanks for the warm welcome! Jason
  3. i just started working on web design 6 months ago, i use microsoft frontpage 2003. i have always published from my desktop to the total choice server using frontpage. last night i published from the server to my new notebook computer, made some updates to the web site, then published back from notebook to the server with no problems. i then today was on my desktop, opened my web page then tried to publish from the server to my desktop (the computer i had been using for the past 6 months) and got the following error from frontpage: "You specified identical destination file names for some of the files you are trying to copy". i looked this error up and it talks about publishing from a unix system to window base and how one sytem doesn't differentiate between upper and lower case but i can't find any idential files. i would really appreciate if anyone can let me know what i can do. My goal is to take my now updated web page and publish to my desktop computer from the server so that i may continue to edit it. thanks so much! jason
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