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  1. Hi, I have been a TCH customer for a while now with several accounts and never had much issues but a couple days ago one of my scripts stopped working. Thinking maybe it was me I took it down, reinstalled and still got the same error so I decided to ask TCH support for some help. Here is that conversation which lead me to posting here in the "open discussion" forum, the spot I am told to get help for my script problem....... (I am thomas and Alex is TCH Live Support in the conversation below) thomas: Hi Alex Alex: Hi Thomas thomas: I was using a script on one of my domains that would help setup wordpress blogs and it just stopped working. thomas: Wondering if yo uguys changed something thomas: I get a connection was reset error Alex: May I know wich script is using for that thomas: what do you mean? what do you need? domain, dir? Alex: Domain and the script name thomas: mysite-removed-from-public-view.com and the script runs from a admin panel so you wont be able to access it thomas: do you need more info? Alex: is the script is working on any specific port ? thomas: um not sure I dod not write it...I can see if I can figure it out thomas: you guys start blocking some new ports in the last couple days? Alex: yes, that is only change made on the servers thomas: ok will you be able to open them for me or will the script need to be changed if I determine that is the cause? Alex: If it is not a hramful port, we can consider that, Alex: nope thomas: ok can you tell me which ports where blocked so I can speak with the author of the script about it Alex: sorry, wrong window thomas: np thomas: port 80 one of them? Alex: port 80 is always open, it is apachecport thomas: how about 443 thomas: i am just going through the code Alex: checking, Alex: domain is thomas: k and i see 8080 and 80 thomas: mysite-removed-from-public-view.com Alex: ok, the port 80/8080 opened thomas: cool one sec let me try it thomas: nope still an instant "the connection was reset" error thomas: is 443 open? Alex: 443 is open thomas: hmm anything else you can think of that could be going on......weird it just stopped working.....guessing it is someting changed oin your side thomas: what ports where closed? thomas: how about 110? thomas: and 33 thomas: ? Alex: port 110 is opened. Please make user that on which port the script is working thomas: sorry dont understand? thomas: was 110 already open or did you just open it? Alex: port 110 is the pop3 prt and it is alrady open. Please make sure that on which port the script is working thomas: yea i went through all the code...the only other port mentioned is 33 thomas: is it open? Alex: it is not opened thomas: can it be thomas: must be it Alex: shall I confirm that the port you needed is 33 ? thomas: yes thomas: seems to be the case thomas: was it recently closed? Alex: please test noe Alex: * now thomas: ok 1 sec...thx thomas: nope same error thomas: sure nothing else changed over there....I dont see any other ports in the code thomas: was running fine and it runs fine on other hosts so...... Alex: where is the location of the script thomas: WPMAn thomas: is the dir thomas: can you monitor the script as I execute it to see where it stops? Alex: script name? thomas: well its a bunch of them, not sure which one is called when it breaks....admin.php possibly thomas: can you just watch the script execute? Alex: ok, user/pwd plz thomas: for the script or my site? Alex: for accessing the WPmanager thomas: i can give it to you but there are a ton of options you owuld need to read the manual to test it probably thomas: cant i just run the test Alex: pk, you do one thing Alex: please post the issue on our family forums at http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/ Alex: there you can get the 3rd party software support thomas: ok is it possible for you to give me a list of ports that where closed in the last 2 days as well as any other changes? Alex: I am sorry thomas: is it just not available or against policy to tell me? Alex: the list of closed ports cannot be given due to security issues thomas: but nothing else changed right? I just want to make sure I should just be looking for port errors. Alex: it may be some thing other than port . please post the issue on our family forums at http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/ , there you can get the 3rd party software support Alex: Thanks thomas: ok thanks...the response time fast there? I need this fixed asap or I will just need to move all my sites to another host.....wish you guys would notify us of changes to the servers thomas: response time in the forum quick? less then a couple hours? Alex: of course thomas: where is 3rd party support....dont see it Alex: you can post in open discussions thomas: are you kidding.....this is pretty bad support you know.....45 minutes to be refered to your forum thomas: there a manager? Alex: I am sorry, I have chcked all the possibiities to resolve this. Even thoiugh this help desk is not providing support for 3rd party software/scripts Alex: Manager is not available right now thomas: yea not blaming you just saying its kind of stupid.....you have been helpful thomas: going to post my script problem next to "For those interested Steve Erwin is dead" .... hahaa almost laughable -------------- So anyone have an answer to fix this issue? Know what could of changed on the server so I can work out a fix? What do I need to provide to get help? Is this really the right place to get help with this?
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