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  1. I searched this forum for past threads about this question but I haven't quite understood the threads. This is my question... When I create a subdomain, how can I make that subdomain redirect to another website? In cPanel>Site Management>Redirects, what is the difference beween a temporary and permanent redirect? Is there any way to redirect a subdomain using this feature from cPanel?
  2. When I want to install PHP-Nuke on CPanel, it makes me install it in www.****/blah. So if someone wants to visit the site, they HAVE to go to www.****/blah instead of www.****. How can I make it so that when someone goes to www.**** it will automatically go to the php-nuke site?
  3. ok, thanks borfast What about that .htaccess file? What purpose does it serve?
  4. I don't plan on using Microsoft Frontpage. So does that mean I can delete all those _vti_ files?
  5. I just became a member of TCH this week. I played around with cPanel today and noticed the folders/directories that were already installed on my account. I'm talking about the www, public_html, private, _vti_ files, entropybanner, .htaccess, etc. So what I'm trying to say here is...are those files and folders all necessary? They kind of confuse me. What happens if I were to delete ALL those files and folders so that my file manager would be blank? If I can't delete them all, what files are the necessary ones? Also, does anyone know were I can read a tutorial on what all those files mean and do?
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