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  1. Solved with paultwang's advise Thank you!
  2. I add that the problem is not only with imageshack but with all image hosting providers. They usually generate from an upload file , another file that it combines default name file with other randomly characters. If accidentally, in the upload filename appears the word ".images" , it will break all POST action containing this filename
  3. Hi, I'm Davide. I'm an user community hosted from totalchoice. Today I've received the same response from the server, while I'm posting a message containing url as "*foto.imageshack.us". I Think that there is a security restriction so http server doesn't accept POST containing the words ".images" My question is :"Is it possibile that server checks .images folder denying directory trasversal vulnerabilites and doesn't check any important folder as cgi-bin root etc.etcc... ?" Imageshack is the most popular image hosting service used in forum community. Are there any possibilities to avoid this problem? Thank at all //D
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