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  1. After mentioning the new server name, I went in and checked the current IP in Dreamweaver vs what the cpanel listed as the IP and found them to be completely different. I assume it was changed at some point with the server. Anyway, changed the IP in Dreamweaver and now I can connect. Thank you for the efforts! Anna
  2. On my cpanel it shows I am on a new server called arlington. I do not know when that name came about as I rarely go into the cpanel. I used the dos promt and typed in tracer arlington.name it tried 30 times and each time gave me Request timed out. I also notice that when I pull up my webpage nothing has been updated since January 9. My last update prior to today was January 16. www.wswra.org
  3. I am not sure where to ask this question but what are you to do when you try to connect to the server through Dreamweaver as you usually do everyday to update your website and it will not connect and after trying times out and gives this: An FTP error occurred - cannot make connection to host. Dreamweaver could not connect because the server is down or not accepting connections. Thanks for any help. Anna
  4. Thank you for help for that problem. ~Anna
  5. But what do I do with them once I get them? Put them in notepad and upload to the CGI Bin and then insert that file into the Action field in Dreamweaver? I have found the several scripts online but just don't get what to do with them after that. Thanks, Anna
  6. I will be the first to admit I am not a programmer. I am using Dreamweaver and need to do two things. First, I need to figure out how to get the page to do a simple submit form consisting of name, address, phone, email (request on our site for membership info packet sent). I have the form done but I am not sure how to get this information to the server. Second, I have a PDF file to be filled out by the visitor and need to figure out how to get that form sent to me as well. Any and all help is much appreciated. Please let me know what else I need to tell you in order to get this mo
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