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  1. Thanks Montty ! It works perfectly. What I had resorted to doing was to click the Secure Login option in the Cpanel screen to login into another account. Now I don't feel so helpless.
  2. No help from anyone ? TCH support staff ? This is quite disappointing . . .
  3. Hi Mitch, I have my own copy of Squirrelmail installed for some time already, so adding plugins is generally no problem. The new plugin I need is for users to change their own Squirrelmail password. It can be downloaded from http://www.squirrelmail.org/plugins.php I need to know what TCH use as to store passwords - in password files, in an LDAP server etc. There are quite a few options like PAM, Courier, SASL. I just do not know which applies to the server I am on. Please help.
  4. I have installed my own copy of Squirrelmail and need to install a plugin to enable password change by users. So I go to http://www.squirrelmail.org/plugins_catego...p?category_id=5 Which one of these goes with TCH's mail server setup ?
  5. Instead of showing who an email is from, my Horde Inbox now shows: From ------ To: someone@somemail.com It seems to be picking up information from the sender's "To:" field instead the sender's email address. I checked previous emails received in the past 2 days and they were ok, displaying the sender. Appreciate your help. Thanks !
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