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  1. Thanks everyone!! I got V5 removed, and reloaded V4, but in true to me form procrastinated too long so I am just sticking with V4 since now I can't purchase V5 (hopefully TPTB) will get new agreements and then I'll update again then. I am going to go cruise the forums and look for more info to make my 'lil place on the web better, but let me ask here too, is there an idiot proof flash animator that works with (and as easily) as Cute that I can use? And yes... I had to recreate everything I had done with V5, but didn't take too long Thanks again for the input!
  2. No I was running V4 and after the computer crashed I just downloaded it again. I didn't stop and think about a difference between v4 and 5, and never had the beta version. Have left a voicemail at globalscape with no response as of yet. Even whined to them a bit since I did live in San Antonio fo 12 years, so played the help the local (okay former local) out. Will keep you posted. Btw- Thanks for the great welcome... rest assured that I will pick your brians on how to improve my site construction and such... Maybe even try the idiots version of flash if there is one! Bob
  3. First off.. I am glad I found you all... After reading the fourms its seems that everyone here knows what you are doing, unlike me Okay here is the story. I have been using Trellix since 97, changed over to cute (didn't we all?) and have never had a problem. I know (gets my best Sgt. Schultz voice) nothing about code, programming etc so this was a great program for me. But then the unthinkable....CRASH! Now I have been dilligent on backing up my websites, but never thought of backing up the old program. I went to the globalscape site and figured I'd just redownload the program right? Okay got the new V5, opened my backup site, saved it as V5, but I am still on a trial version. Where do I look for my serial number in my system (like I said, don't know alot, just enough to get into trouble) Any and all advice would be great... btw Bob here...Samantha is one of my cats, hence the user name and my site samanthakitty.com... Thanks! (Waves from sunny Florida) Bob
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