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  1. Well.. it worked that time!!! YAY!! Thank you much...
  2. Okay I will go back and do the uninstall/install again. I just saw on the previous posts that you should add the htacess file if it's not there (?) Thank you for the suggestion.. I will go do that now and then open a ticket if it does not work. Thanks! Stacy
  3. sorry not Private but Public_html folder... oops
  4. Sorry should have given more information. When I am publishing my site through Front Page, right before it updates the changes, it gives me the error. I have uninstalled the FP extensions and reienstalled them (last night) should I try it again? I am not sure where to go to check my Private folder. I am scared to dig around to much in C-Panel that I might mess something up. So I don't know where to go to make sure that .access is in my private folder. Thanks! Stacy
  5. I read the other two threads with the same problem. I did go and uninstall my FP extensions, but I wanted to also go in to my Private folder and add the .htpaccess but I am not quite sure how to do that. Would someone mind pointing me in that direction please, I would SOOO appreciate it. Thanks! Stacy
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