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  1. My messages (not forwards) have not been getting through to recipients on Yahoo recently, or have been getting through only intermittently. It seems these messages are being rejected based on coming from the server at TCH, if I am reading the error message correctly, which I have included below (I have gotten similar delivery delayed or delivery failed messages for messages sent to a few different addresses on Yahoo over the last few weeks). Is there anything that can be done about this, or I am pretty much just out of luck? Thanks very much for any help. "This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed: ********@yahoo.com SMTP error from remote mail server after initial connection: host e.mx.mail.yahoo.com []: 421 4.7.1 [TS03] All messages from will be permanently deferred; Retrying will NOT succeed. See http://postmaster.yahoo.com/421-ts03.html: retry timeout exceeded"
  2. Hi. Can anyone tell me what I would need to do to change the domain name for a site, while maintaining all the site files/content? At this point I have just registered the new domain. (Incidentally, I actually want to change the domain, not just add a new one--I don't want to use both names, as ultimately I intend to let the registration on the old one expire). Thanks very much to anyone who can help.
  3. Hi, I have had some e-mails categorized as spam by SpamAssassin that were sent from a domain I have whitelisted in SpamAssassin. When I looked at one message's header, it seemed like the message was flagged as spam by SpamAssassin on the other end, the sender's side, and then SpamAssassin on my TCH account filtered it out as spam, even though it had a passing score on my end. Unless I am not reading this correctly? X-Spam-Flag: YES X-Spam-Status: Yes, hits=6.95 required=4.50 tests=HTML_MESSAGE=0.10,BAYES_95=2.59,VOWEL_TOCC_7=3.50,NO_RDNS2=0.01,OTHER=0.8 version=3.1 X-Spam-Level: ****** X-Spam-Checker-Version: SpamAssassin 3.1 (1.5) on mail2.njaccess.com X-Spam-Status: No, score=-101.8 X-Spam-Score: -1017 X-Spam-Bar: --------------------------------------------------- X-Spam-Flag: NO Is anyone here familiar with this problem? Is there any solution on my end (short of turning off Spamassassin)? Thanks very much!
  4. Thanks very much for the helpful info. You guys are great!
  5. Hi, I have had a site here for a while, and I have just recently started getting a few spam messages that appear to come from random gibberish e-mail accounts at my own domain name, although in fact those accounts don't exist, and on checking the headers the messages come from foreign IPs. I was wondering if this something to be worried about, in other words might it indicate some sort of breach or insecurity on my site, or is this probably just some sort of spoofing? Thanks so much for your help!
  6. Thanks for the help/suggestions everyone! Dave, that information is exactly the sort of thing I was hoping to find, and gives me some confidence that Moodle would work for my purposes here, which is nice because Moodle really seems to me to be the strongest free option out there for education. Thanks so much, I really appreciate it!
  7. Not sure what forum I should post this in, but anyway: Does anyone here have any experience using Moodle on TCH? I have heard that Moodle can be resource intensive, and I am wondering if it would work well on a shared hosting environment. In this specific case, it would be used to manage one grade school class, but would even that be too much for shared hosting using Moodle? If Moodle is not appropriate for shared hosting, does anyone know of a lighter weight content management system for education? Thanks very much for any help.
  8. taznumber1, Although I too originally thought the cname solution probably would be acceptable, I have confirmed through a help desk ticket that TCH will not allow the added cname record. This is a time when I wish I controlled my own DNS. Anyway, maybe I'll try to use mod_rewrite, although it doesn't look to me like that does quite the same thing as cname, if I understand it correctly. Thanks.
  9. Right, she would have the main content of her site here, but would have this one program and its content running on Windows hosting elsewhere, but would be using a subdomain here to point to there, because she doesn't have her own domain there. I'll have to look into the mod_rewrite redirect idea and see if that would work for her.
  10. Hmm. Ok, well, that probably is going to be a problem for her I guess, but let me just lay out the situation and see if anyone here has another solution I'm not thinking of. Her site is on a Linux plan, with a host I'll call Host A, which has been very accomodating in the past but is now going through some serious problems. She has never wanted to have a Windows plan because Linux is what she is used to, and she uses a discussion board that won't work on Windows, etc. However, there was a particular quiz program that was very important to her (because she is a teacher and this is her class website) that would only run on Windows. So I got her a very cheap custom Windows plan on Host B, which she uses only for that one application. However, this plan did not have a separate domain, so Host A agreed to add the CNAME DNS records so that she could have a quiz subdomain of her primary domain that would point to the Windows account. Is there any way of accomplishing the same goal outside of the DNS route I described?
  11. Hi, I signed up here recently, and so far I've been quite pleased, so now I'm back to ask a question on behalf of someone else who is also looking to switch hosts. If she were to host her site here, would it be possible (and permissible) through TCH to use CNAME in the DNS to point one subdomain to another domain? Thanks.
  12. Yeah, I looked at the Drupal forums, and as far as I can tell the fact that this folder has to exist, or else any attempt to change other settings will end in an error, is a known issue, and is not really a bug from their perspective. The need to give world permission to write to the folder is also a known issue, although it sounds like some people don't need to do that for some reason, maybe because of different server setups. I saw some references to people getting by without this folder existing, but I think they were using an older version of Drupal. Generally speaking, the advice on the forum there seems to be to just set permissions on the folder to 777 and leave it that way. Now that I understand more what that means, I'm kind of surprised people seem so willing to do that. The folder in question is used by Drupal for allowing files to be uploaded and downloaded by users through the system, and it really is necessary for that feature, although it still seems silly to me that even people who don't want to use the feature that requires the folder have to create the folder and make it writable just to get the Drupal settings page to work properly.
  13. Ok, that's really helpful information. Doesn't really sound like I should leave the permissions that way permenently. I've found that Drupal won't let me change any other settings if it detects that this folder doesn't exist or isn't writable (oddly, Drupal doesn't even seem to care if the folder can be read--I later tried 722 and that satisfies it), but as far as I can tell the system works fine for me without the folder, so I guess I'll just change the folder to be writable to keep Drupal happy when I want to change settings--which hopefully won't be too often after I get my site set up--then change it back for the rest of the time. Thanks very much for your help!
  14. Hi. Can anyone tell me if it is ok from a security perspective to change the permissions to 766 on a folder I created, which is outside of public_html? My Drupal installation is giving me error messages if I set the permissions any lower. Thanks!
  15. Thanks for the welcome, everyone. This is certainly a friendly place! Anyway, I like what I see, so I've signed up. See you all around the forums.
  16. Sounds good. Thanks for your help!
  17. Thank you very much for the welcome and for your answers Bruce, Tim, and Don! On the server load question, I probably wasn't clear: I'm not actually worried about how much I would be allowed to hog server resources--I would have to be considerably more successful than I am before that would even begin to be a problem. It's just that I know some "budget" hosts will basically load up servers with as many accounts as possible and then pretty much let things go, so I was just trying, in a roundabout way I guess, to get a feel for how you manage your servers.
  18. Hi, I am looking for a new host, and I have a few questions about TotalChoice. 1. Do you outsource any support? 2. One reason I am looking for a host is because after my present host was acquired by a larger company, they switched us to "new" IPs, some of which it turned out already had a history of being constantly blacklisted for spam, so now I have my e-mails being treated as spam. Ugh. So anyway, that leads me to ask--has such blacklisting been a significant problem here in the past? As far as you are aware, do you currently have servers on major (public) spam blacklists? (It's not like I'm not crossing you off my list or anything if you do--obviously you have a lot of servers, and I understand sometimes IPs can get blacklisted temporarily despite the best efforts of a host--but I'd just like to know.) 3. Can you give me some ballpark idea of what range of loads you would generally consider acceptable on your servers? 4. This is really a general question about switching hosts (I've never had to switch before), not specific to TotalChoice: if I move my account here, what will happen to my e-mail during DNS propagation? Thanks very much for your help!
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