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  1. Apparently I didn't take your comment wrong. I asked the same question others here have asked since PHP 5.0 was release but with perhaps a bit more teeth. You simply put a date down to brush my concerns aside as you've done with everyone else who's asked the very same question. This is exactly what I gathered. I only said the comment about the "Joined:" date to make a point that I've been a loyal customer despite having been brushed aside for almost 4 years. Apparently long term customers aren't a desired outcome of your business. If so, I would think you'd be more transparent with your longterm goals to when PHP is probably pretty important to those customers. My mistake. I'm a *NIX administrator for a hospital system with +8,000 employees and if I ever responded to even one of them like you did above, no matter how rude they were, I'd be fired. If TCH-Jesse had entered his comment prior to yours, I would have been satisfied until December. In fact, I've never received a cross sentence from any of the technical or customer service people the entire time I've been here. Your two comments, however, have just made the decision for me to take "Just_Rob's" advice. I know I'm only $9 a month and probably not important to your salary or TCH's bottom line but I would hope the customer service ethic would would be passed up to the management level. Again, my mistake.</DONE>
  2. I apologize if I'm taking your reply the wrong way, but it seems a rather curt way of answering a very honest and reasonable request from someone who's been a loyal customer of TCH since before even your own "Joined:" date. I'm sorry if it seems like I'm putting the screws to you but I think it's in everyone's best interests to not be constantly wondering if or when their website will be running on a current version of PHP. I bet you'll start seeing people breathing sighs of relief now that the mystery is gone. Thank you.
  3. Let me start this out by saying spolem.net has been hosted by TCH for over 4 years now. I enjoy the perks of the deluxe hosting package. For the meager $9 I shell out every month, I have been able to do almost anything I could do on a standalone server without the hassle of managing my own backups, power, cooling, etc. All this with very few service problems. That said, the fact that php 5 was released 3 years ago and my site is still running on php 4 has been a very large dandelion in an otherwise green lawn. We've been told for years now that "there are no plans" to move to php 5 despite the many benefits to the end user (especially the developer) of doing so. Now the direction is that "[you] hope to make the move before the end of the year" and that the decision "will be posted in the forums". I've had issue with the preference of contact via forums over e-mail for awhile now. I honestly have no desire to search every topic and post every day for a hint of a php migration or planned downtime. This is a sidebar. Regardless of the communication method, as the number of webhosts that support php 5 primarily or even along side php 4 grows, I think TCH owes it to their customers to give at least a soft date as to when to expect a migration. This would provide us with a timeline to prepare for it. The worry that you might not meet that soft date and the letdown it would provide is no different than hearing "no" for almost 5 years. I know that sounds like some sort of an ultimatum but it's not. There are other users and developers out there... ...who see what kind of quagmire we're in and no easy way out. I love TCH and I'm not alone here or with my desire to see TCH move to php 5. What do you say?
  4. Well, like I said, I'm looking more for things like NOCC (iconv isn't compiled into PHP), Horde Groupware Webmail (can't run scripts) and the like.
  5. I'm not able to setup a fat client at work. I'm looking for a server side webmail client that I can use at my home, my work, my Wii, my in-laws, etc.
  6. Greetings, all. I've had a copy of SquirrelMail inside my website for years now. I don't use the domain.com/webmail provided by TCH because I use some custom plugins and the TCH version doesn't blend into my site very well. This setup has worked quite well for awhile but I'm looking for a better solution than SquirrelMail. It may be stable but it hasn't changed much in years, still uses pre-CSS formatting, and doesn't show any sign it's going to change anytime soon. I've looked around but can't find another webmail client that I can simply drop into my TCH account. I've tried out RoundCube, which is a slick solution, but it's kinda slow and, as a beta, is still lacking much functionality. Does anyone else know of a better alternative to SquirrelMail?
  7. It's a PHP photo gallery I've written. I want to allow my relatives to upload pictures into the directories. Like I said, there's nothing wrong with letting the nobody user do it until I want to move/delete files created that way. I suppose I could just send in a help desk ticket to chown the directory.
  8. Well, I guess I'll just have to leave them as owned by nobody. Thanks anyway.
  9. I would like to change my photo gallery to allow photo uploads from relatives, etc. The problem is that if someone uploads a photo, it's then owned by the nobody user. I've been told this is not a good thing plus I know it isn't because then I can't move or delete the files later as "spolemn". I'd like the PHP script to upload the photo, resize the photo into another directory, and then change the ownership to "spolemn". How can I accomplish the final part? Is there a script/command I can exec() to do this?
  10. Did someone at TCH do something? For the past couple weeks, I haven't received hardly any spam in my normal mailbox and a lot more HTML spam is ending up in my spam mailbox. Just curious about the change.
  11. POP mail would negate the value of having webmail. Lowering the Spamassassin threshold wouldn't work since most of the emails end up with a very low or even negative score. Doesn't spamassassin scan the HTML part of the email?
  12. For a few months I've noticed a gradual influx (1-3 messages a week) of spam received in my account that is not being caught by spamassassin. As of the last 3-4 weeks, I've been getting 4-5 messages a day. I use my own version of squirrelmail and using the "View as HTML" plugin, I can see that the text portion of the email looks like a friendly letter, however the HTML portion is selling ****, Cialis, etc. The spamassassin scores are way too low to be caught. I never give my email address out except to friends or family (I don't even have it anywhere on my website). The addresses are different all the time so I can't filter them. Is anyone else seeing this? How can I stop them?
  13. Help Desk Response: It seems like a silly policy to limit the ability of customers to develop with even basic PHP modules. Especially when such a change would require minimal downtime and/or implications for users' scripts. Is there no other customer that would use these functions?
  14. Is it possible that PHP modules be added to (my) server(s)? There are a number of PHP modules I'd like to develop with that are not available on my server. Many of these are quite useful: '--with-gmp': ability to handle very large numbers '--with-zip': read zip files; upload numerous images via a simple browse button '--with-bz2': read and CREATE bzip files '--enable-exif': read meta data from digital cameras stored in JPEG or TIFF images '--with-pspell': check spelling, useful for forum posts or e-mail '--enable-calendar': helpful calendar/date/time functions Is there anyone else who would be in favor of these? Would it be possible to install these modules or include them in an upgrade to PHP 5.0.1?
  15. Nevermind...it worked the next time I tried it. Ignore me. :^)
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