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  1. Hello, I have a site here for my employer's business. It's been very maintenance free and I've been generally happy with your hosting. Lately I've been getting mail that I sent to my boss at his other job bounced back saying the mail server was blocked. Now I am getting messages blocked to my customer's Hotmail account. The exact message is as follows... Unfortunately, messages from weren't sent. Please contact your Internet service provider since part of their network is on our block list. You can also refer your provider to http://mail.live.com/mail/troubleshooting.aspx#errors. Following that link and looking up the code brings me this... 550 SC-001 Mail rejected by Outlook.com for policy reasons. Reasons for rejection may be related to content with spam-like characteristics or IP/domain reputation. If you are not an email/network admin please contact your Email/Internet Service Provider for help. In the previous example of my boss' work e-mail server bouncing the messages as being blocked I looked up our TCH e-mail server IP and found it was fine with all but one blocking service which had it listed as blocked. Since I have other ways of contacting my employer I had hoped it would clear itself up, but that hasn't been the case. Now it is effecting my ability to conduct business. Are some e-mail service providers blocking your server for spamming or is it just my account? What can I do to resolve this beside changing hosts. That is the impression I get from error messages, that they just wont accept incoming mail from your server. I feel inadequate to convince each host that blocks my mail that your servers should be trusted. There is nothing even remotely close to spam in my message contents. Thank you
  2. I did open a ticket the same time I started this topic. They saved a log for me but it only contained my logins to fix the website.
  3. Silly question, but why would someone go through the trouble to put Google ads on someone Else's website? The ads I saw were local businesses doing similar types of work. BTW, I made our website. No themes. I used Fantastico to install a photo album, classifieds, and the wordpress blog. They went in and edited my includes files so i will be looking at the permissions there. http://kitplanesnorthwest.com
  4. I have a wordpress blog that we started and never used. I had removed the link from our website but left it installed in case I wanted to mess with it again. It would appear someone has found a way to setup an admin account without any notifications going out. I removed the wordpress install with fantastico and changed our password. So far no more issues.
  5. Hello, How and why were google adds added to our website? Is there some kind of opt-out, or billing issue that would have someone do that without our knowledge or permission? Thanks, Lou
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. It worked fine through squirrel mail so the problem is with Outlook and not your e-mail server configuration. Thanks again, Lou
  7. Thanks for the reply. I assume from your answer AFAYK it should be working on yorur end. I'll try sending from squirrel mail and if that doesn't work from my hotmail account.
  8. Hello, I have a customer who has changed his e-mail address to "someone"@theaerodro.me He is a pilot and the areodrome is a domain that serves airplane guys and gals. when I updated my contacts in Outlook 2003 and try to either reply or send new message to that domain I get the following bounceback imidiately. Nobody else is haveing trouble sending and recieving his mail so I was looking around cpanel to see if the was a domain whitelist or blacklist but I could not find one. Is Totalchoicehosting blocking unknown domains or is this some obscure outlook problem only I am suffering from? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, xplanes, aka Lou
  9. Hello, I had installed the NOAH Classifieds using Fantastico. It was working just fine for quite a while though our website is pretty low usage. I went to add an item to the classifieds and got an error: After seeing that I used Fantastico Deluxe to remove the install since I only had the one item listed on it so far. When I reinstalled it using Fantastico deluxe I got the same message. I'm not sure what may have changed since I haven't updated anything on my site in some time. Is it possible a recent php or MySQL update broke something this plugin needed?
  10. Hello, I am interested in hosting a Teamspeak server on my website. I see that Fantastico is use to automate the installation of scripts which I presume is for ease of integration with databases etc. Is there a way to run an install program for the server on my site?
  11. Thank you all very much. Lou
  12. Hello, I'm making my first venture into using PHP for a website I am developing. I am about ready to ftp the content to a existing site with an index.html file. This brings up a few questions I haven't seen addressed in the reading I have been doing. If I use an index page named index.php will I need to have a redirect from the index.html page for it to load when my domain name is typed in the browser address bar or will the server just run the index.php file? Also, what happens if there are both files in a directory? Will the presence of a file named index.php prevent viewing of the directory contents the same way an index.html file will? Thank you for your help, Lou
  13. No formal agreement. it was something I did to help them out when they bought the buisness from another former boss. I just wanted to help get word out about the company. I got a thank you but that was all. No compensation was ever offered or discussed. I setup the hosting, made the content and everything from home. I too have better tools at home and they couldn't afford to take me away from billable hours. He used his credit card to pay for the hosting fees which is fine. I don't want to shut down his website, just not allow him to use my content to compete against me at another job. I guess it is time for a lawyer. Thank you all. Lou
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