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  1. Thanks. I am writing this post from work and they block port 2082 so I could not check to see if the info was there. I'll look at it when I get home. Thanks again! -Deek
  2. I would like to set up a local test environment similar to the one I will have at TCH. Where can I find info on what software the servers are running. RedHat version? Apache version? etc... -Deek P.S. The reason is because I would like to play around with some different tweaks to my site without affecting the actual site, without using my transfer bandwidth, and without having to wait for my slow dialup! :-)
  3. I just tried installing Wordpress from CPanel and it didn't seem to work. Here's the output from the install: WordPress 1.5 Setup We are installing in /home/<snip>/public_html/WordPress... Moving installation files into place...Done Setting up config file...Done Finishing installation steps...Done Installation Finished To access your WordPress installation go to: http://<snip>/WordPress/ To access the admin area of your WordPress installation go to: http://<snip>/WordPress/wp-admin/ ... But when I try to go the the URLs, I see a message telling me I need t
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