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  1. Glad to know I just chose the wrong time to do a support ticket and thank you TCH-Bala--those were exactly the directions I needed and it is all fixed now. WHEW! Thank you all! Colleen
  2. I wanted to use a support ticket but I tried doing so through Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox--and support pages will not load. I updated Joomla and I got a message: Reading another forum post--it seems to indicate updates were made in February. I did check via Cpanel and see it says that it is PHP Version 5.6.30 So I am confused as to why this message is showing and what can I do to make it see that the PHP version is up to date? Thank you for any help, Colleen M
  3. Have to say thanks to tch. I run my friend's business site and she called in an absolute panic about the hacking thing about an hour ago while I was tied up with another problem not website related. By the time I got to check things, tch fixed the issue. I am not finding any broken links and the site appears to be running well. I am not going to log into the CPanel at this time until I hear an all-clear note here. Thank you for being on top of the problem and hope it is resolved soon and blocked from ever happening again.
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