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  1. Once you put in that you are going to move off of FP Ting, they basically disable your ability to add files to your account or receive mail it seems. It was unwise of you to use your email address from the hosting site you are departing.
  2. I made the move from FP along with my phpnuke 6.5 CMS nice and easy. Exported database on FP, went into Cpanel imported the database. FTp'd my nuke layout to my pc because of custom changes to many files, and uploaded to my site here. A few minor changes later, like changing setlocale LC_ variable to not have double quotes around it and I am up and running fully. A very smooth move. A very nice move. I was down often enough with FP, and did not even bother with their tech support. After the 2nd issue with the generic response, I realized it just was not worth my time and aggravation to send in trouble tickets. I hope to have a nice long stay here at TCH. I did sign up for the monthly for the moment, just because I have been so traumatized by my past experience.
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