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  1. I just tried uploading a 4.8 MB file and it worked. So it's looking good. If I experience any other problems, I'll get back in touch. Thanks for the prompt assistance! Steven
  2. Thanks, Balakrishnan. I just submitted a ticket with the help desk. Best regards, Steven
  3. Hi, Visitors submit photo files on my site by uploading them via an HTML form so that they are emailed to me. They do not upload files directly to the public_html web space. To accomplish this, I have used Ultimate Form Mail for many years, which had been recommended for use on TCH. With more and more frequency, the uploaded files are failing. For example, someone may upload three photos, which is the maximum number on the input form. I'll receive the resulting email and perhaps get only one of the three files, although Ultimate Form Mail lists in the email all three files. That's
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