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  1. Andy, I wanted to thank you for your help. The solution you gave me appears to work beautifully. So far my client seems to be satisfied (I'm still awaiting feedback from his associate too, but I think it should be positive). Thanks again!!!
  2. Thank you. Andy, I've submitted a ticket. Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. OK. I've tried with ftp://user:password@mytchdomain.com and with ftp://username@mytchdomain.com and neither seem to be working with Internet Explorer. It looks like you are logged in but you cannot see any files that are there or transfer any files there. Getting in the way I originally described (with the error message) does work, but it is not acceptable to my main client (he needs to be able to tell his clients how to access the ftp site and thinks telling them to click off an error message is unprofessional). He is quite upset with me over this and I am getting very frustrated. Is there no other way to do this through Internet Explorer? Maybe something on my end was configured wrong when setting up my ftp site? On another note, I did manage to get a php upload script installed on my home page, only to find out that there is a constraint that files can be no larger than 2MB. I hadn't realized this because the script itself allowed me to set file size as large as I wanted and it was only after I told my client he could upload files this way and it didn't work that I looked into it and found about about this constraint that is apparently on the server end. Needless to say he was not happy with me after this either! The files that I need to receive are as large as 75MB.
  4. Thanks for the friendly welcome and for the help. Interesting and surprising that the error message is actually supposed to come up. I thought for sure I was doing something wrong. I would like a more elegant way to accomplish this, so I will look into the php script possibilities -- although it remains to be seen whether I can figure out how to implement one. Is there anywhere I can find instructions on how to do this for "dummies"? Thanks
  5. Hi all, I am new to TCH -- in fact, I am new to even having a website. I have clients who need to be able to upload files to me via ftp. I have set up an ftp account for them to access and it works because some have already used it -- BUT only through an ftp client. Some of the people I deal with don't want to/can't install special ftp software and want to be able to send me files through their browser. When I type in ftp. mydomain. com [spaces added for posting purposes] I see an error message saying Windows cannot access this folder and something about no anonymous login. I see that I can click 'ok' on the error message and then go to File>Login As and type in username and password and that gets me in, but is that the only way to do this? Is there some setting I can change so that message won't come up? Any help would be appreciated -- please remember you are speaking to a newbie. Thanks!!!
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