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  1. I recently upgraded to WP 2.0, and when I attempt to upload images directly from my hard drive, I get this message: "Unable to create directory /home/altehag/public_html/wp-content/uploads/2006/12. Is its parent directory writable by the server?" I created the directory manually, but it still doesn't work. All my directories are set to 777 up to public_html. Is this a host issue? Is support available? I have the same installation on another host and it works fine.
  2. I'm going to take the plunge and upgrade my Word Press. Here's my question: I know how to do the auto-backup thing, and I have mine saved both on the server and on my hard drive. But how do I back up my MySQL databases to rebuild the site in the event of a problem? (And how would I do that if that did happen?) I have someone who's going to help me troubleshoot a bit, but I want to make sure I've protected my site and have it all offline so that whatever happens, I can go back to zero.
  3. Thanks, Bruce~ So that definitely means I cannot set up users with different levels of administrative access -- or different logins to my cpanel? Also, what do you think about the idea of giving them a copy of the backup files so they could see everything?
  4. I'd like a developer I'm working with to be able to check out my site, but I don't want him to have the power to edit anything or affect anything at this point -- he just wants to check out how my files are configured with Word Press to see how to upgrade without affecting anything -- and find out what he needs to troubleshoot or change, style- and plugin-wise. How can I let him in just to peek and read, but not write or delete anything? I guess sending him the backup files is another option, but I'm wondering if there's another.
  5. My worry is that I didn't use a Wordpress template and I have some custom categories. I don't know if I did what are called Wordpress "hacks"....basically, I had someone with far more technical skills do it for me. But I will check out the Wordpress forums over here.
  6. Thank you all! Now, so I can trust that this was something originating from yahoo, not me? Did yahoo think I was sending spam? Also, I am considering upgrading my Wordpress to 2.0. Does TCH have help for WordPress?
  7. I am subscribed to a yahoo group. I just got an email bounce with this message: Remote host said: 550 http://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml? : [RCPT_TO] I don't use any spamblockers, filters, whitelists, blacklists or anything on my mail. Is this some virus? What's happening?
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