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  1. I attempt to connect to my TTRSS instance: http://roadq.com/rss/ and get the following error: Just in case it was a lost password post-migration I reassigned the password to the user, with no change.
  2. I do know my email and password. I can go to my account page and set my email, etc. The form doesn't recognize it though. I have submitted a ticked.
  3. Okay, but when I try to add it to my account (here: https://ssl.totalchoicehosting.com/modern/o...r/orderwiz.php), it complains that my email/password doesn't match. And when I click on the "Forgot password"? It says it can't find my email address (a gmail account) and has "logged" my attempt. So, um, what now?
  4. Hey all, I currently have one domain registered and hosted. I'd like to host another that I already registered at godaddy (wasn't sure if I'd end up hosting--it was a chancy thing). So what's the quickest/cheapest way to proceed? This will be a domain for a small LLC between me and a few friends. For now, basic package is fine for me, but I don't see the options for hosting a domain not registered somewhere else.
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