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  1. I've tried: usr/bin/perl (the one it came with) usr/bin/convert (imageMagick one) usr/local/bin/ (the one everyone else says to use) I've tried everthing...and it still doesn't work.
  2. Note: It's already installed on the servers!!! and...er.....yeah
  3. I have been TRYING to figure out ImageMagick. Where do I change the script...why is it not working? it keeps saying, "Got an error: The Photo Gallery Plugin requires that you have the Image::Magick perl module installed. Please install Image::Magick before proceeding." Can someone please help me? Thanks Cassidy
  4. But there's nothing TCH will do? That is what I'm asking. I do not want another years worth of subscription here at TCH, but I'm stuck with it. I can and have cancelled my subscription, but I've waisted $55.00, and it was a communication problem.
  5. I have been with tch for a year (apparently) now when today I found out my account had been renewed for another year without my notification. I have been using my account less and less and was planning on not renewing at the current time, seeing that I'm a "poor college student." I thought my renew date was in later than this, however it turns out my renew date was no. X_X 1. I figured tch would warn me before renewing my service and charging my credit card but I guess that is too much to ask. 2. After putting in a support ticket the only reply I get is "sorry that you are leaving". Yo
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