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  1. I'm just getting started...got the basic's of building but this is a whole new world on this forum and website. If someone coulod answer my ? and Guide me to some beginner info that would be great. Thanks Icurus
  2. Icurus


    It works great for me but it's the only one I've used so thats why I was wondering...Thanks for the warm welcome! I can tell you guys could answer alot of my ?'s See I'm just trying to start my own web and graphic design co. First I need to build my web site...which is just a matter of time.Starting from the ground up so I'm taking my time...I'm about to start a site for a place called Nature's Medicinal Co-Operative...(pot Pharmacy) That should be fun...obviously I'm in California. Icurus
  3. Icurus


    What do you guy's think about using GoLive? Sorry if this is in the wrong spot ,I'm new. Icurus
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