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  1. I suppose it is. but it costs $35.00 to to put in a question for the support. Diane
  2. This is correct and what my box says. I did get Frontpage 98 working also. Diane
  3. I have Windows XP. I am a little afraid of doing things to the registry. I 'd want to make sure I knew what I was really doing before I get into that. Diane
  4. Well I went into the Control panel and made myself the Computer Administrater. I did a restart of the computer after this and tried to install. The same error message came up. I did send an error message out, but have not heard anything. I will try the Micosoft site if you think that would be the best way to figure this out. Diane
  5. I don't see any place to set it to how I am installing it ( user or Administer). I just put the CD in and it starts the installation process. It doesn't have this listed at all as to choose either one of the choices you asked about. Diane
  6. I'm stumped. I have a newer computer now. I am trying to install Frontpage Update 2002 into it. I was able to install Frontpage 98 in and I thought Frontpage 2002 would go right in after and Update to 2002 like it did in my older computer. Well, I get this message: Error 1402- Setup cannot open the registry key . Unknown\msoHelp.\HtmlHelp\CLSD. Verify that you have sufficient permission toaccess the registry. I am the sole operator of my computer. I tried to install it with turning off my virus protection and Firewall, but I still get this message. Can anyone help me figure out what I need to do? Diane
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