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  1. Phpgroupware looks like it would be great for a co-op school site I'm working on. Has anyone successfully installed and used it on a TCH server? I know it requires SMTP server settings for the mail component, something others do not require. http://www.phpgroupware.org/ I thought I'd ask before I start installing and testing. Thanks, Troy
  2. Thank you so much for the ideas, both good workarounds to prevent access to the CPanel. -Troy
  3. I am setting up email accounts for an organization I'm working with, and they want to add email auto responders when they are out of the office. However, I have not given them access to the CPanel. Can they add/edit/delete autoresponders without using CPanel? If not, I would be in the role of doing this adminstration for them, something I'm trying to avoid. If I were to give them access to CPanel, my concern would be security of the site/email since their technical skills are low, and they could easily make mistakes. Thanks, Troy
  4. Thanks! Now I can access the webmail. This works great. Do you have any ideas on how I could access CPanel from behind a firewall?
  5. Firewall issues were just brought for use with CPanel and Webmail. I am unable to access these application from work, and I am behind a company firewall. I don't want to attract any attention here for this, so I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on how I could access these apps? It works fine from home, but I get a page not found at work. Are there workarounds to get around the firewall, if it is blocking these ports (other than configurations to the firewall)? Thanks, Troy
  6. Thanks again for all your help. The scripts I am using sometimes specify a valid From address, so that may be the problem. If the user filling out the web form includes their email address (optional), the from field is populated in the headers with their email address. Otherwise, it is blank, which is probably going into the Junk Mail. I think that isolates the problem. If the SMTP alternative is involved, I'll probably continue to just use mail(). I at least can get mail() to work ok, and I'm not up for hours of troubleshooting right now. I'm not that skilled with these things, and sometimes still struggle with some of the PHP basics. At least I know now the importance of specifying a valid From address to avoid being considered Junk Mail. Thanks, Troy
  7. I should probably add that this seems to be sporadic. I am able to get it to work tonight to Hotmail, but the reports of failures I have are from other users. And since they may be using Outlook/OE with Junk Mail settings turned on, maybe that is the culprit. Do you have any "how to" resources for using the smtp mail, instead of php mail()? I'd like to learn how it work if you say it is more stable. Thanks, Troy
  8. I having some trouble getting emails delivered to Hotmail accounts using the mail() command in PHP. I am receiving email ok on other, paid accounts, but the messages to Hotmail never arrive. Are the headers that automatically get added causing Hotmail to think the messages are spam? I'm starting to question the reliability of using the mail() function, but I'm not sure if using other scripts will fare any better. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. -Troy
  9. Please disregard this message below. I just figured out that "localhost" was all I needed to add for the MySQL server. Sorry for the posting. ------------------------- I'm trying to setup my Dreamweaver MX to connect to a MySQL database that I have on TCH, and I don't know what to type for the MySQL server. Also, I have not transferred my domain name yet, so I'm using an IP address to access my webpages with my web browser. I cannot get the domain transferred until I get the site running correctly. I'm following the instructions below from Macromedia (http://www.macromedia.com/support/dreamweaver/ts/documents/mysql_config.htm#userAccount). Could someone tell me what I should be typing for the bolded text below for MySQL Server? Thanks so much for your help. Troy Create a MySQL database connection in Dreamweaver Once the MySQL user account has been set up and the site has been defined you can connect to your MySQL database in Dreamweaver. Using the above settings, here are example settings for the MySQL Connection dialog box in Dreamweaver: Connection Name: choose a name (e.g. connEmp) MySQL Server: mysql1.**** User Name: dbuser Password: myPassword Database: enter the name of your database or click on the Select button to choose from a list of MySQL databases running on the server.
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