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  1. Yes, I agree with the guessing theory, but in this case they sent emails to this alias: 'ipcheck-abv@lundblad.com'!!! Would take some time to simply guess that one! And a few days later I got SPAM on several other aliases that I have created!!! Further more, after changing the alias 'ipcheck-abv' to something different I started getting SPAM on the new alias!!! So I will monitor the situation and see what action to take. Regards, Mattias
  2. Dear all, Recently I'm getting SPAM in my inbox, but these messages are not sent to my "primary" email account itself but sent to a number of different aliases that I have created for different purposes (like emails from bayt.com, ipcheck.com, pingdom.com, ebay.com, etc. etc. etc.). Normally these aliases should only be known to the account from the service that they are created for. Lets take an example; - I create an alias ipcheck@lundblad.com that forwards emails to my "real" mailbox - I create an account on ipcheck.com for some server monitoring and set emails to be sent to ipcheck@lundblad.com After this I receive emails from ipcheck.com whenever there is an alert from the account. Spammers would no know about this alias so I should get no SPAM on this alias. Then what happened about two weeks ago is that receive SPAM on this alias, so my reaction was "how come? have ipcheck.com sold my email address???". Action I took was to change the alias ipcheck@lundblad.com to something different, it was quiet for about 24 hours when I started to get SPAM on this new alias!!! So my querstion is, have the server(s) at TCH been compromised, how come otherwise a specific alias is "leaked"??? Thanks & Best Regards, Mattias Lundblad PS. My account happens to be on dantooine.
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