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  1. Right you are Rob, i will start searching for a patch or something
  2. since im a student and just paid 40£ to get a site up and running, im quite eagar to get this to work whitout throwing my cash away and changing host.
  3. The answer i got from surftown.se (my webhotel) was : Yes surftown is always running with safe mode on, due to our clients who likes it that way. In nearly all CMS system (probobly also Wordpress) you can solve this with applying a patch. However you must check this in their forum. Take a look at this discussion in our fourm : And then follows a text in Danish wich is totally gibberish for me. Im getting VERY annoyed now and dont have a clue what to do...,..... Link removed by TCH-Thomas
  4. Thnx guys, i just sent an email to my webhotel regarding the restriction on their servers.... Hey Bruce... if you mean the Admin|Options|Miscellaneous panel in the Wordpress dashboard, i dont have any of these options to choose from. the only thing there is "Track Links’ Update Times" and "Use legacy my-hacks.php file support" Feels great to choose a powerful and easy tool like WP 2.0 to use and configure. I chosed it on the basis that i dont know jack about coding and wanted something really easy to configure.... i still feel totaly retarded. Especially since someone said - "hey man it will take 5 minutes to config and then you should be running" Im quite lost right now and to keep my bloodpreassure down, i now will watch Into The Blue featuring Jessica Alba, just to thing about something else for an hour or so
  5. This seems to be a great resource for infe. Last year i had a blog and it was runned by wordpress and it worked great. Yesterday i decided to start a new blog called www.kanonfilm.se and i downloaded Wordpress 2.0 and applied it to my webhotel. The problem is that for some reason i just cant get the uploading function to work at all. In what folder shall my pictures be placed? When i try to upload them from the "write post" catalog it just says: "Warning: move_uploaded_file(): SAFE MODE Restriction in effect. The script whose uid/gid is 143733/143733 is not allowed to access /hsphere/local/home/slinger/kanonfilm.se/wp-content/uploads/2006/01 owned by uid/gid 398/398 in /hsphere/local/home/slinger/kanonfilm.se/wp-admin/admin-functions.php on line 1757 The uploaded file could not be moved to ." since im a noob at this i really need some help whith this.....
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