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  1. A belated thank you to TCH-Alex - responding to my May 2016 post. Bernice, I'm not an expert - so maybe someone else will chime in, but here are some ideas to help prevent such events (lost deleted email) in the future. Consider using POP3 mail and setting your email client to "never delete" from server (or maybe delete after 6 months - or a year, etc). Get into the habit of archiving more. As far as "so what to do, if this won't help?" Regular backups (you should already be doing this) may enable you to retrieve deleted email (though it may be a pain to find t
  2. I did a lot of forum searching and couldn't find an answer. If there was a forum dedicated to email issues - I'd post there. How do I access email that I've deleted from my local email client (Thunderbird, linux)? My impression is that such deleted email should still be available on my server. I'm using imap. Thunderbird was set to never delete. I tried checking with webmail clients such a cube and squirrel, but they show the same empty trash box and the inbox only contains current undeleted email. thank you
  3. Thank you Balakrishnan, The link was very helpful. As a former POP3 user and occasional dabler in RoundCube – I didn't understand why my messages were disappearing from the server (My old POP3 was set to save copy to server). Lately I've been fairly fastidious about managing my inboxes on Thunderbird – attending to messages and keeping my inboxes empty. And, I guess I was taken off guard when I happened to log onto the C-panel and look at mail server usage and see the servers were 0% full; alarmed that the server was not backing up my mail. What have I learned about Message Synch
  4. Sorry, meant: using POP3 ... if I download that mail first to RoundCube, maybe it will remove it from mail server - even though I don't delete that mail sitting on Roundcube? If that's true - then I guess that's the advantage of IMAP over POP3? With IMAP - a copy will remain on the server - until I move or delete from either mail client? So, I must be careful not to move or delete mail on any client until I've downloaded and saved it in the manner I ulitimately want.
  5. I have a similar question. A few months ago my OS was Windows XP with Thunderbird. My email was using POP3 I had been setting my POP3 to save a copy to server and delete after 180 days. I was very happy with this. I've long heard that IMAP was the preferred email setup, but it seems to me that my old POP3 setup was actually better - gave me more control. Currently: My current OS = linux Email client = Thunderbird (IMAP) What seems to happen: 1) I download email on Thunderbird and move that mail to a custom folder and then it is gone from server (so I can't access
  6. Thanks, I made a few corrections. Not sure why I'm still not receiving from hotmail; wil wait a couple days and contact support if problem persists. thanks
  7. For the last few days my email has been sporadic. Thunderbird will notify me I have new mail - but there is nothing there. Sometimes mail does come thru - sometimes not. When I send test mail from hotmail - hotmail comes back "Delivery status notification (failure)". This is happening with all three TCH hosted email accounts. Thunderbird version 24.5.0 I looked and looked, but I'm not able to find setup info or mail server addresses on the TCH site. Are there mail server issues? Can someone refer me to reference page that shows mail server addresses? thanks in
  8. I've decided to teach myself how to use / incorporate a CMS into future websites I build. A couple examples of themes of websites: newspaper; photo gallery; small e-commerce site ... I'm not super techy, but I currently handcode CSS 1.0 strict (so I have some experience in working within and meeting standards). I don't have any programing experience. But, I've made my mind up to get into one or the other, Joomla or Drupal ... so there we have it. Which is better (I know this can be subjective and based on what different experiences people have.) For example - in the follo
  9. Bruce thanks for responding so quickly. No, I'm not forwarding mail - But, ... I've fixed my problem. Sorry, I should not have posted in this thread - just didn't see any other recent post related to not getting mail - should have started my own thread. If any admins want to delete or move my two posts here - that's okay with me. Short story: my disk space was maxed, now it's not. thanks, Will
  10. I have not received any mail for at least a day and a half. None of my several domains with numerous e-mail addresses are receiving mail. I don't get any error messages when Mozilla Thunderbird sends for mail. ISP is comcast. I guess I can try webmail, but where can I go to find out what is going on with my mail and how to address the problem? Thanks, Will
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